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$11.00 / mo
  • This is a great plan if you are
  • starting a business.
  • All you need in one plan.
$120.00 Yearly


$14.00 / mo
  • This plan is good for e-commerce
  • or if you are a blogger and if you need
  • more space for images or content.
$156.00 Yearly


$16.00 / mo
  • Our premium plan is dedicated
  • for web applications, PWA, or
  • custom apps.
$180.00 Yearly

Call us for custom projects at 570-419-2780



The maintenance package will help you to have a healthy website.
We will check if your website is up to date, including framework, components, plugins, and extensions.
It will include backups and website restoration if you need it.
If you are busy and if you need some changes in your website, we will be able to help. We will be able to add new components if you think it is necessary.
The SSL certificate will be part of the deal.
And the most important part, SECURITY will be the best option for you!
We will add a firewall, antivirus, anti-malware, ip blocker, and scanners which will protect you from any mysql injection or any other threat.
Our technical support will remove threats automatically and manually.
$50.00 monthly fee
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